Our Promises


Communities expand, things change. These are some of the things that we hope that will never change with iFAPed.com and be immune to time.

  1. No censorship. We respect and stand by net neutrality. It doesn't matter how crappy / boring / disturbing or many other adjective that we can think of, if the material you posted are ok under the laws of United States, it will not be deleted or altered. One exception to this rule, we delete all spam on sight.
  2. No excessive advertisement. We will limit a maximum total combined methods of advertisement to 2 per page. (eg 1 banner and text ad, or 2 banners) There will never be any pop-unders, auto-clicks, or advertisement that contains virus / spyware / malware. As for popups, we currently have no intension to implement them and if this somehow changes in the future, it will be limited to 1.
  3. We will never sell our database nor your information. We also ask you do not post any of your private information on this site. The information that you register your account with will only be used so you can use this site.
  4. Anything posted on this site belongs to the registered user who posted them. We do not have rights to the stuff you or someone else posted.