FAPed vs FAPped


We never paid any attention back in our English classes, so now we are stumbled.

As you probably already know, "fap" is a relatively new Onomatopoeia started in a comic by clay from sexylosers.com. Since it was conceive, the word "fap" have received exponential usage especially by the l334 interweb message board / forum / irc population. Since it have yet to enter a dictionary as an official English word, what should the past tense of this new verb be?

A quick googlefight shows that "fapped" only win by a small margin. Taking that into the consideration and from our side of view, i-fap-ed is more clear in explaining what this site about. It also makes a nicer looking logo. Deep down inside, "fapped" is more grammatically correct in our subconscious. (a la ban and banned)

So we did what any average citizen would of done - register both domains: ifaped.com and ifapped.com. For the time being, ifapped.com redirects to here. So it doesn't really matter which way you prefer to type the word, you will always get here.